Identity is fluid, but genetics are not. Genetics do not affect our behaviour but they do affect our appearance.

There is cultural discrimination and physical discrimination. Some people are bullied because of how theyve been socialised to behave in a nonconformist ay. Some people are bullied because they look funny.

Some people are bullied because peoe mistake their physical genetics as being linked to a cultural identity.

if I disappeared

There are times when no ones around and I think to myself, “How would the world react if I just disappeared”

If I disappeared maybe the people I’ve interacted with would be a lot happier

If I disappeared maybe those people might not have noticed that I disappeared because I’m not important.

If I disappear I hope that at least one person, at least one would wonder where I went and would look for me everywhere just to find that I was dead and realize or feel that I was just as important to them as they were for me.